How It Works

You choose what method you are most comfortable with. This can be via secure Zoom video conferencing, WhatsApp messaging, email, or telephone.  Confidentiality and your privacy are especially important to me.

Online therapy has gained popularity over the past few years and can be beneficial in many ways:

  • You can have therapy anywhere that is comfortable and convenient for you
  • You have a greater choice of therapists than if you were restricted by location
  • You may find that you are more comfortable online or that it is easier to talk
  • I can be more flexible with scheduling and can offer evening appointments
  • Some people prefer to think about what they want to say and opt for email

The way that I work in whatever online method you choose is I either read or listen to your story, ask questions, and try to understand what life means for you. I try to get a feeling of your world and how you are experiencing it. Clients have often told me it is the first time they have felt really listened to and not judged and that can feel very healing.

Getting Started

If you decide to enter therapy with me, we will agree a time and day.  This will be our regular time together.

Prior to your first appointment, I will email you my privacy policy, terms and conditions and consent forms to read and sign.

My aim is to support you in identifying and working towards your own goals or making any changes you wish to make.  

Appointments are 50 minutes long for WhatsApp messaging, telephone, or video conferencing via zoom.  

Online Counselling via Email

This can be a way forward for several reasons. Perhaps you are not quite ready for face to face via Zoom conferencing, telephone counselling or WhatsApp messaging.  Perhaps you prefer to consider what you wish to say, and email gives you this opportunity. Or maybe you find it difficult to commit to a regular time and day for your appointments.

The way I work using email is by way of a series of emails with a document attachment (response)  Before beginning I will send you details of how to set up a secure email address if you wish. Usually 1 email per week.

If you have any questions or would like to book a free initial consultation, please feel free to telephone or email.

You may feel that a one-off session is all you need, this is your choice, and we can discuss.

Zoom Video conferencing Counselling

For video conferencing the only things you need are a private space, a good internet connection and a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. I often use headphones or earphones to improve sound quality.

I use Zoom as a secure conferencing platform which is safe and encrypted. This ensures our conversations are confidential. Before our first session you may like to download the free Zoom app however you will be able to connect directly from the link, I will send you in the confirmation email. Zoom uses a webcam that enables us to see each other. We usually arrange a time and day that remains the same throughout our work together. I recommend using head or earphones for added privacy especially if you live in a busy household. However, if you would prefer not to, that is fine. Each session is 50 mins.

Telephone Counselling

Telephone counselling offers you the opportunity of talking at an agreed day and time each week. Some people find this way suits them more than say zoom face to face counselling. It is important that you find a space where you feel able to talk openly and will not be disturbed.  Each session is 50 mins.

WhatsApp Messaging Counselling

WhatsApp allows us to communicate using their secure messaging service. You are encouraged to find somewhere that is comfortable, private and where you will not be disturbed.

Each session is 50 mins.

It takes courage to take the first step I am here to walk with you.

If you are interested in beginning therapy with me, you are welcome to book a free online/phone introductory consultation